A little about me

I will reveal very little about myself as an exclusive luxury courtesan

I don’t see the need to reveal personal information on a public forum such  as the internet, and I dot think it is remotely helpful in making a decision to meet or not.

I prefer to retain my female mystery.

My preference is to get to know each other privately and organically.

I will share with you some general information.

I am in my mid 30’s.

Well educated, read and travelled. Frequently I travel privately and professionally. My interests include skiing, tennis, sailing cycling.

Travelling well  is not just a passion, its a way of life.

I haven’t been to my favourite destination yet.

Enjoyment comes from good company, great food and good wine.

I relax in organic genuine company, with preference to be in the company of a man that is able to be himself, without airs and graces or to try and be someone he is not.

I am accustomed to living well. I have no intention of learning to live any other way.

With ease I  can adapt in almost any social setting.

To get to know me more intimately, make arrangements to meet.