Financial Expectations

The fee for my time is not on the cheap side. As a result, I don’t have high volume demand, and that is perfect for me. 

I have an establish client base as it is that are happy with my fee structure. I do however make my time available for very select exclusive new gentlemen that may be interested and have the means to make arrangements to meet me. If you happen to be such a gentleman, and are comfortable with my terms, then I would be honoured to hear from you.


Below you will find the financial expectation that is expected to be met before travel is undertaken by me. My home location is irrelevant in the big picture, because I can and will meet you worldwide provided my terms have been met. There are no exceptions and no negotiations acceptable to my terms. Travel expenses are inclusive of the fees listed below.

I travel first class, so you will appreciate that a large portion of  the fee is actually charged for travel costs.

My fees structure is divided into locations and the fee reflects that.

For Interested parties

Europe only

3 day  tête-à-tête 30,000

5 day tryst  50,000

7 day  70,000

10 days 100,000


3 days  $25,000

5 days tryst $ 45,000

7 days  tryst $65,000

10 days  $95,000


Same as Europe fee structure applies.

Fees and charges are calculated in US dollars and must be paid fully in advance. If you have an issue with this arrangement, I am not the lady for you. I understand a large portion of gentlemen reading this will not be comfortable with it and attempt to negotiate.Please do not. Negotiations are only open to long term ” friendships” which are consistent. First time introductions are not negotiable. I don’t travel with cash anyway, so a deposit is unacceptable.  

Please understand that I am not for everyone.