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Luxury Accomodations in Gstaad

Palace Hotel Gstaad


Gstaad is one of my favourite destinations to unwind, relax, ski and get pampered in one of the many elite luxury spas’s in the region. The air is fresh, the food is good, and the atmosphere is superb.

I have spent many weeks here with friends and family, and enjoy spending time in Gstaad especially during the winter months. It is a small but very exclusive ski village in the Swiss Alps. Because of this fact, I prefer complete discretion if you invite me to join you in this exquisite part of the world. I would like to be able to visit the region freely without attracting negative attention. If considering hotels in the region, my favourite hotels are The Alpina Hotel and The Palace Hotel. There are many other hotels in the region, and private Chalets are particularly charming, but if the choice was in choosing a hotel, those two mentioned are my very favourite.

Gstaad is very social. There are endless parties, and get togethers. Additionally, wonderful restaurants in the region to explore and sample. It is a big reason why this village is a wonderful place to visit, ski, relax and get pampered. For further information about how I can join you here, please visit my website: 

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